Thomas Carlyle

Past and Present

416 printed pages
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  • benmamiaazhar1619has quoted3 years ago
    violence does even justice unjustly.
  • benmamiaazhar1619has quoted3 years ago
    Insurrection, never so necessary, is a most sad necessity; and governors who wait for that to instruct them, are surely getting into the fatallest courses,—proving themselves Sons of Nox and Chaos, of blind Cowardice, not of seeing Valour! How can there be any remedy in insurrection?
  • benmamiaazhar1619has quoted3 years ago
    , no man feels himself safe or satisfied. Workers, Master Workers, Unworkers, all men, come to a pause; stand fixed, and cannot farther. Fatal paralysis spreading inwards, from the extremities, in St. Ives workhouses, in Stockport cellars, through all limbs, as if towards the heart itself. Have we actually got enchanted, then; accursed by some god?—
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