Shamini Flint

The Seeds of Time

The Seeds of Time is an environmental fantasy. The animals of Borneo, pushed to the brink of extinction, decide to fight back against the loggers and farmers destroying the rainforests. They decide to embark on a mythical quest to find the Seeds of Time whch legend tells will regrow the forests in a thrice. Led by a wise old orang utan and other representatives of the Council of Beasts, the animals decide to seek the help of humans – but not any humans, only those who belong to that select group of Animal Talkers who can understand and communicate with the beasts. Spencer Flint and Honesty Jones are the kids they find. The two children, at great personal peril, embark on an adventure of a their lives to try and save the rainforests. The sequel to the first book is called Journey of the Chosen and continues the adventures of the two children and their animal companions.
266 printed pages
Original publication


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