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This book by Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of the Religious Science Movement, and Dr. William Hornaday, of the same faith and one of the most popular ministers of our country today, passes the ammunition. It teaches a definite, specific Practice of the Power of God. Here is ammunition for the people of this country and this year, as modern as guided missiles, as far-reaching as rockets to the moon. Founded as all science must be, upon Truth which changes not, it is a new revelation of the God-Power, the Higher-Power that has always been available to man.&quote;IN this book there is a vital answer to the demand many of us have been making upon the spiritual leadership of our times.'Please,&quote; we have been saying, 'pass the ammunition.'Because today we are in the midst of the greatest battle mankind has ever known. In this fight for world supremacy, we stand opposed to any power which declares that it is without faith in any God at all.No longer can a spiritual faith stand without works. We will not settle now, cannot settle now, for uplifting quotations and tenets and creeds that have nothing to do with real life and its present startling advances in material science, its cold wars and constant threats.We must now use the POWER that is latent in our spiritual science. We must now learn how to make it work.PASS THE AMMUNITION!
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