Get Ielts Band 8 – In Academic and General Writing Task 1, Austin Roberts
Austin Roberts

Get Ielts Band 8 – In Academic and General Writing Task 1

170 printed pages
IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 can be the most difficult part of the IELTS test, especially when the Task involves data, charts and graphs.

You need to know how to analyze the charts, how to identify 'static' and 'movement' data, and how to structure the essay effectively.

This book teaches you process for analyzing the Task and then writing your essay, using a wide range of examples including tables, bar charts, graphs and pie charts, letters.

By using these models, you can be sure of achieving the best possible result in Academic Task 1 data essays, even if your English is not perfect.

This book contains full colour graphs and charts formatted for all devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android phone, all Kindle types and all tablet/laptop/PC readers.
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b1312121529has quoted3 months ago
you are describing a graph to someone who doesn’t see it
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the graph is climbing up or dropping down
Olga Edigarova
Olga Edigarovahas quoted4 years ago
?) The amount consumed decreased steadily from almost 500 grams per person to only 200 grams by 2010.


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