The Magic of You, Johanna Lindsey
Johanna Lindsey

The Magic of You

300 printed pages
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As wild and reckless as the most incorrigible of her male cousins, Amy Malory has reached a marriageable age and has set her sights on a most inappropriate mate: the straight-laced American ship captain who once nearly had her Uncle James hung for piracy.
Warren Anderson is shocked by the brazen advances of his despised enemy's beautiful niece. Though determined to resist her, he burns for the enchanting British minx. And an impassioned heart implores him to surrender to a love that could stoke the smouldering fires of a family feud into a dangerous, all consuming blaze.
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Firda Rizka Amalia
Firda Rizka Amaliashared an impression3 years ago
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The love is just romantic.

Brenda Aurista Rumbajan
Brenda Aurista Rumbajanshared an impression10 days ago
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Rethe Dueholm
Rethe Dueholmshared an impression6 months ago
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Helen Heaton
Helen Heatonhas quotedlast year
She cringed at the fury underlying his quiet tone.
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