Richard T Cheng


台湾記憶: My Paradise is the second installment of Dr. Richard Tien-Ren Cheng’s biography.
Richard’s family escaped from China because of the war that brought death to many of their family members and came to settle in Taiwan. He loved the peace and the beauty of the place. In Taiwan, his “Paradise,” he lived and dreamed.
Richard was particularly intelligent. His was interested with science and technology and electronics and was fond of his Physics teacher Mr. Xu. Mr. Xu didn’t carry books but was always prepared and confident and very patient with his students.
Richard’s interest in the United States started with the technology the US gave to Taiwan. He saw that through technical products, people are in close contact with people living in the other half of the world. He became curious about how technology is being made in the US and what kind of work environment do they have. He wished he could go there and meet the people who work with technology. Even though Richard’s enthusiasm decreased with an incident about an American soldier who killed Taiwanese people, he still wanted to further his study in the US.
Richard met the love of his life in Taiwan while he was serving the military. They got married and had children.
Will his dream of pursuing his higher studies in the US come true?
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