Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Tesla’s groundbreaking 1892 London lecture and his visionary paper on wireless technology, with an introduction by biographer W. Bernard Carlson.
“All these observations fascinate us, and fill us with an intense desire to know more about the nature of these phenomena . . .” —Nikola Tesla
In February 1892, maverick inventor Nikola Tesla strode onto a stage at the Royal Institution of Electrical Engineers in London. The two-hour lecture he delivered mixed groundbreaking scientific theories about electricity, motors, and electromagnetism with dazzling showmanship. It was this combination of drama and intellect that turned Tesla into the cult figure that he remains today.
Nikola Tesla: Experiments and Discoveries contains the complete published text of this lecture, originally titled “Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and Low Frequency,” along with numerous illustrations of Tesla's experiments, as well as a biographical sketch of Tesla and his forward-thinking paper on wireless technology: “The Transmission of Electric Energy Without Wires.” This edition also features an introduction by W. Bernard Carlson, author of Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age.
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