Dwayne Anderson

Trumping Richer Money Just Never Enough

" The illiterate of the future are not those who can't read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." — quote by Alvin Toffler
What clearly he meant is that we need to learn and unlearn as we continue to stay updated with what that works and those that no longer works
Much has changed since the baby boomers days, including the path of staying ahead amid today's age of disruptive technologies prompting creative thinking and more on ideation output 
To succeed from now, one must learn to accept the constant change to adaptation — continually unlearning old 'rules' and relearning new ones.
That requires continually questioning assumptions about how things has changed, non-valid old paradigms, and 'relearning' what is now relevant to pursue in acquiring your wealth.
This book is filled with excellent ideas and concepts of daily struggle to understand money science, It emphasize on how every salaried person need to struggle each day trying to recover his daily expenditure and living his life facing such rat race will just keep all these people locked down with each day only looking for ways and means to earn money .. the struggle pushes on
There is a lot here in this book that can help an individual move toward financial freedom through understanding money and the mindset required to become wealthy, of which means you need to know what it is that separates the wealthy from the Not-so wealthy.
What you need to know and identify with is what principles and what behaviour the rich have, and that you need to relearn. Some of which, you have not taken action to unlearn yet, to stay current and getting ahead
“ Happiness that Money brings cannot last ",
With Money, People cannot necessarily materialize everything, However without money many things cannot be accomplished nor done 
Accumulation of wealth with the pleasure to have comfort, luxuries, reputable status, financial influence, freedom and popularity are what money usually can help to achieve, its provides a centralized role in our lives, at a general necessity stage level as it helps to clothe and feed us, to put a nice accommodation for stay and pay the bills.
Money may not be everything, they may not even guarantee a happy life, but they are a pretty good basis to learn how to build happiness on … for now 
I highly recommend this book to anyone who'd like to ignore the fluff available on the Internet and take action now.
Now that being said, this book assumes you know about the basics like Cash Flow, budgeting, etc.
It doesn't talk about investment mediums like stock market, bond, etc.
And the best part is that unlike many books, this book tells you not to lead a frugal life
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