Charles Jacob

Bedtime Stories for Kids

One incredible thing about a child's mind is easy access to the world beyond. Within the pages of this book, your child will embark on a magical journey through the concepts of open-mindedness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, through engaging stories of magic, exploration, and transcending expectations.

This book begins with stories about fairies living all over the world, cultivating their gifts and bringing blessings to children in all backgrounds and life situations.  The fairies teach the children the power of gratitude, healing from grief, grounding in the present moment, appreciating the body they are in, learning self-love and self-acceptance, and finding the beauty in themselves and others.  In the following story, you will read about how one girl’s life changes from ordinary to extraordinary as she uncovers the secrets of other corners of the world on visits to India, the Amazon Rainforest, and a neighborhood of a city just like hers.  She makes all of these visits during the three nights of the full moon on the back of a mystical moon horse who descends from the sky to teach her the greatest lessons of life.  In the third story, you will explore a young prince’s unlikely friendship with the kingdom gardener, and what he learns about compassion for others, and the strength that lies in being gentle.  Over the course of the story, the prince finds his own voice, and musters up the strength to speak up for what he believes is right for all the people of his kingdom.  In the final story, you will read the stories of the children who come to the Central Park Wisdom Tree for advice.  The children explore the power of kindness, how to stand up to bullying, how to manage anger, calm anxiety, and find beauty in the way they learn.

Each of these stories is full of beautiful life lessons which will inform your child’s thinking and help them to become more open, kind, and compassionate human beings. The soft, peaceful tone of the stories is perfect for bedtime and is sure to help your child wind down from the day and bring them to a night of blissful and restful sleep. When they fall asleep on the notes expressed in these stories, they will awaken feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world as the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.  Additionally, the book gives you the opportunity to learn alongside your child, perhaps thinking of new perspectives you had not given much attention to in the past and learning how to integrate such topics into your child’s life through the power of imagination and storytelling.

This book is designed to play into children's natural creativity, compassion, and curiosity to teach them stories combining fairytale creatures and other children worldwide. As you embark on this journey with your child, you will feel the power of a compassionate story, and together, you and your child can dive into your imaginations to make the world a better place.
182 printed pages
Original publication
Tony Bennis



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