Donald E Westlake

A Jade in Aries

A desperate man is trying to find his partner’s killer by means of astrology, and resist as he may, ex-cop Mitch Tobin is destined to help him do it.
Disgraced ex-cop Mitch Tobin is digging in his basement when he meets Ronald Cornell. A gay man from downtown Brooklyn whose partner was recently murdered, Cornell wants Tobin’s assistance in an investigation that the NYPD has declared hopeless. Tobin sympathizes—he once lost a partner of his own, a fellow cop whose death he was partially responsible for—and asks how he can help. Cornell has a list of six suspects, and all he needs to know about them is where they were born and at what time, so he can make their star charts. Tobin has just met the world’s first astrological detective.
He tries to keep out of Cornell’s harebrained investigation, but the cosmos has other plans. Whoever murdered Cornell’s lover is not through with killing, and Tobin must delve deep into the lives a group of friends even more marginalized than he is in order to keep this hapless astrologer from coming to harm.
229 printed pages
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