Gene Baik,Soyeung Koh

Essential Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary

Essential Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary teaches you the practical phrases and expressions needed for common, everyday interactions in Korea in a way that's clear, concise, accessible and enjoyable.
Key features of this Korean phrasebook and dictionary include: Over 2,500 practical phrases A practical English-Korean dictionary with over 2,000 terms and expressions Phrases for technology, WiFi and social media Essential expressions used for meeting people, starting conversations, and asking and replying to simple questions Manga illustrations to illustrate key phrases and situations A pronunciation guide and grammar notes explain the basic sounds and sentence patterns of the Korean language Korea travel tips, cultural notes and much more!All Korean words and phrases are in romanized form as well as the Korean hangul script. Basic grammar and pronunciation notes get you speaking right away, and tips on culture and etiquette allow you to interact with Korean without making serious blunders. Whether you're a novice or have some experience with the language, this is a reference you'll turn to again and again when visiting Korea and interacting with Koreans people.
148 printed pages
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    Adreannah Vetehas quoted3 years ago
    Place/time marker (in/at/on) : e (에) (place marker eseo (에서) has a special usage but it is not covered here)
    Adreannah Vetehas quoted3 years ago
    You add -mnida (ㅂ니다) if the verb stem ends in a vowel. Otherwise, you add -seumnida (습니다). If you want to make a question sentence, you simply change the final -da (다) of these formal polite verb-endings into kka? (까?).
    Adreannah Vetehas quoted3 years ago
    Subject marker: i (이) (after a word ending in a consonant), ga (가) (after a word ending in a vowel);

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