The Unknown Upside, Libby Lombardo
Libby Lombardo

The Unknown Upside

Here, Libby shares her raw, honest and extraordinary tale of crossing over into the unknown world of special needs parenting, the emotional rollercoaster of adjusting to her family’s new reality and their battle with mainstream medicine, so Isabella could one day take her first independent steps. Needing to express what she was going through, Libby immersed herself in the world of social media, so she could help transform the loneliness of families just like hers. She made it her mission to forge a global special needs community and, above all, celebrate the daily victories of raising a little girl who just wouldn’t give up and always looked on the bright side of any situation. From bravely trusting in world-renowned doctors, celebrated for their controversial surgery techniques, to finding ways of helping others and raising awareness, Libby and her husband, Joe, put everything on the line to let their daughter’s spirit fly free. Experience their inspiring journey of can-do determination, empathy and the sheer joy of discovering what children with special challenges es can teach all of us about dreaming big and spreading our own wings.
283 printed pages
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