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Persuasion Series Book #2

Do you want to know exactly how to get the upper hand in conversations, debates, and negotiations? Do you desire the ability to persuade individuals as well as audiences? Persuasion often gets a bad rap; naysayers call it a manipulative scheme. However, persuasion is all around us. You are affected by it every day. Simple choices like the colors of a company logo influence the way you think. You may already practice persuasion without even realizing it.

Over the years, researchers and experts have discovered and perfected a multitude of methods of persuasion. From the comfort of your own home, you can get in on their findings. Many, many proven persuasion methods have been collected and placed in the pages of this book. Even if you do not plan on practicing persuasion, you still owe it to yourself to make yourself aware of the persuasion methods that institutions, organizations, and individuals could utilize in order to affect how you think.

Benefits of Persuasion Mastery: How to Master Persuasion, Mind Control, and NLP

The methods are proven to persuade others to go along with suggestions.
You will no longer be left frustrated when other people fail to agree with you.
You will be wary of the persuasion methods that you might be susceptible to.
Learn historical and contemporary uses of a variety of persuasion methods.
Discover how to make anyone believe your viewpoint.
And much more…

Curious about persuasion?

Grab your copy of Persuasion Mastery: How to Master Persuasion, Mind Control, and NLP today!
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