Leo Sparx

Claiming Alexander

For readers who enjoy a dark mysterious plot with their sexy books, this m/m (and m/m/m) series is just as sinister as it is kinky and was inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe tale, “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

A gay otter boy (meaning: a young fit man who does not shave his body hair) named Alexander, is an out-of-work huslter in his small town by the ocean. In a sudden change of luck he finds himself drawn to a strange mansion and inside, a mysterious millionaire pulls him into a world of sinister extravagance and sexual discipline. With a background as a sex worker, Alexander is no stranger to trading his furry body for money, but he was never expecting to develop deep feelings for his new eccentric keeper.

With an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle, the mostly submissive Alexander learns a great deal about himself and his master through whipping, CBT, endurance, and being collared to an older man. Unsure if he is a toy, pet, or partner to the Daddy of the manor he used to think was abandoned, Alexander navigates the secrets of the interior with another otter boy from his past. Things get complicated further when emotions for the other hustler in the strict hierarchy come to the surface and he breaks one of the many rules within the house.

Including paranormal elements and unexpected magic, this queer erotic romance series begins in the fall season at the House of Otter then twists and turns through the seasons. Expect: jockstraps and hairy men, Daddy and Boy dynamics, bondage, sadomachochism, harnesses, dominance, fetish gear, nipple play, mystical prophecies, destiny, and whispered words with the power to open the door to forbidden fantasies. In the end, Alexander must decide how much of his body and sexual freedom he is willing to surrender in exchange for a life of opulent luxury.

It’s Edgar Allan Poe but with a queer, kinky, and paranormal twist!

**This MM BDSM Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance takes consent seriously. No otter boys were harmed (unless they wanted to be) in the writing of this book.***
115 printed pages
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