The Hungry Season

It's been five years since the Mason family vacationed at the lakeside cottage in Vermont, close to where prize-winning novelist Samuel Mason grew up. The summers that Sam, his wife, Mena, and their twins Franny and Finn spent at the lake were noisy, chaotic, and nearly perfect. But since their daughter's tragic death, the Masons have been just one step away from falling apart. The lake is Sam's last, best hope of rescuing his son from a destructive path and salvaging what's left of his family.
As Sam struggles with grief, Mena tries to repair the marital bond she once thought was unbreakable. But even in this secluded place, the unexpected can change everything…
From the acclaimed author of Two Rivers comes a compelling and beautifully told story of hope, family, and above all, hunger – for food, sex, love and success – and for a way back to wholeness when a part of oneself has been lost forever.
337 printed pages
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