Tikiri Herath

Your Rebel Life Work Booklet

This workbook accompanies Your Rebel Life, the third book in the Rebel Diva series. Get all the exercise in one place!

This is a 100+ workbook with all the exercises in Your Rebel Life, including how to:

— The ten key pillars of your life and the impact they have on your well-being.
— The ten easy habit hacks that make change stick.
— Specific habits to improve your sleep, eating, exercise, and relationships.
— The smallest step you can take today to enhance your well-being in your career to your finances and more.

…and much more.

This workbook can be read and used as is, but for complete guidance, examples, and details on how to apply these tools, please read the full book: Your Rebel Life, Book THREE of the Rebel Diva series.

Your Rebel Life is a life-changing workbook with down-to-earth, timeless advice, inspiring quotes and plenty of space for you to write your answers.

Come on a fun interactive journey of self-discovery and take back control of your life by creating solid habits in all areas of your life.

Be the heroine of your own story.
34 printed pages
Original publication



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