Betty Frank Simonsen

March – erotic short story

“… she sees Patricia in front of her, lying with her red hair out over the bed, how she first giggled and pulled away to prolong the pleasure, and how wet she was when she finally gave herself up…”
The doctor says she has to choose between becoming a woman or a writer, her brain and ovaries can't grow at the same time. Still, Frederikke manages to sneak a moment to herself, and by the time she gets out of the office, it's already getting dark. She sees that the man who came to prune the trees is still working, but now he is standing on the ground and up on the ladder is a woman in a red dress. Frederikke watches the woman surreptitiously and remembers previous women she has watched and lusted after.

Betty Frank Simonsen is a Danish writer, journalist and translator.
21 printed pages
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Hazel Evans
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