Israel Moor-X Bey El

Krishnas Black One’s-xy Linga

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[What you really know about human’s intellectual utterance of communication even with the vast amount being use & the systematic control of a governing body regarding their standardization in becoming listed as a language? Most people have no clue on how such matter of cultural utterance becomes language. In fact most people have no idea what the rooted meaning on the word language symbolised. With the breakthrough discovery on such matter, the poet have written a special 120 quoting thoughts about such societal matters with deep reverence on the social observational roles of both genders from a contemporary & historic poetical sense. The words shared are very accretive likewise they do emphasis an awareness of human’s sexuality in association to the languages we speak mores & norms. In this essence of explicit nature the poems & quotes shares an abstract cognition based on the prospective of a natural philosopher & the phallic demotion of an intuitive consciousness to the now construct of a language.]
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