John Tregarthen

Wild Life at the Land's End

Wild Life at the Land's End by J.C. Tregarthen is about an old Earthstopper and his little terrier as they hunt a variety of small creatures. Excerpt: “It was an hour after midnight when the Earthstopper of the Penwith Hunt left his cottage on the outskirts of Madron. He carried a lantern and a rough terrier followed at his heels. His track led, by lanes in the heather, over a cairn to the furze-clad downs overlooking the lake. To the West, somber hills rose against the jeweled vault where the stars in the depths of the frosty sky kept watch over the slumbering earth. Halfway over the downs, beneath the roots of a stunted pine, was a fox-earth. The old man knelt and stopped it with faggots of furze. The light of the lantern-lit up his strong and kindly face, and fell on the heap of sandy soil at the mouth of the earth.”
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