The Short Book: An Alternative History, Christian Bullock
Christian Bullock

The Short Book: An Alternative History

From the Babylonian Mystery School comes a glaring attempt at reconstructing the History of Mankind. The Short Book: An Alternative History, is one that should not be over looked as it describes in detail what was and is known by the Babylonian Priest Caste. In it are the extended History of the People from Nibiru, the Anunnaki, as well as the History of the Wild Men, and also the History of Civilized Man. It all started on another Planet in our Solar System. Where Men-like People first came from and brought with them, to Earth, the Means to Create Civilizations and Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The Short Book: An Alternative History, is by no means the End All Be All… But it is a Beginning to where we came from… A true Alternative to what Mainstream Society at large has come to teach us. Now for the very first time revealed in a Short Form so that it can clearly be examined and talked about openly by the Public or those who simply want Answers…
24 printed pages
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