Sally Thorne

The Hating Game

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    Jodi Clarkehas quotedlast year
    Let’s put our weapons down, okay?” He raises his hands to show he’s unarmed. His hands are big enough to encircle my ankles. I swallow.

    To hide my awkwardness, I mime taking a gun out of my pocket and toss it aside. He reaches into an imaginary shoulder holster and takes out a gun, putting it on his planner. I unsheathe an invisible knife from my thigh.

    “All of them.” I indicate under the desk. He reaches down to his ankle and pretends to take a handgun out of an ankle holster.

    “That’s better.” I sink into my chair and close my eyes
    teyhas quoted3 years ago
    That’s why I never needed help to beat you. I didn’t want to beat you.
    Fatima Faisalhas quoted16 hours ago
    I sit down heavily and try to eat a mouthful of dry cereal from the box. Then I wallow in low spirits and self-doubt a little more.
    Fatima Faisalhas quoted9 days ago
    “You’re pretty hot.”

    “Yeah, but that’s common knowledge.”
    Amani Haninahas quoted2 months ago
    I type my password: IHATEJOSHUA4EV@
    loslibrosvecinoshas quoted2 months ago
    Books were, and always would be, something a little magic and something to respect
    b4909938716has quoted2 months ago
    I couldn’t. If I’d let myself smile back, and be friends with you, I probably would have fallen in love with you
    mynnnhas quoted2 months ago
    Knowledge is power, and I don’t have much.
    mynnnhas quoted2 months ago
    heaven and hell and into purgatory. A kindergarten classroom. An asylum.
    mynnnhas quoted2 months ago
    I’m sitting here with a cellmate because every power-crazed
    war general has a second in command to do the dirty work.
    b4909938716has quoted2 months ago
    So this is what sex with you would be like.” I can’t resist teasing him. “I was hoping you’d participate a little more.”
    He finally says something. “I’d participate. So well, you wouldn’t walk straight the next day.”
    Jhoana de los Santoshas quoted3 months ago
    Both love and hate are mirror versions of the same game—and you have to win
    Jhoana de los Santoshas quoted3 months ago
    Love and hate are visceral
    b3897035039has quoted3 months ago
    Hmm, that’s no good
    b3897035039has quoted3 months ago
    She scans the agenda. For bigger meetings we’d do a bit more preparation, but the all-staffs are pretty straightforward since the division heads are doing most of the talking. The CEOs are there mainly to show involvement
    Mariana Garciahas quoted3 months ago
    He wants to do it so many times that we lose count, and probably die in the process.
    Mariana Garciahas quoted3 months ago
    He wants to make sure I’m addicted to him.
    Mon159has quoted3 months ago
    “Doctor Josh, MD. You would have been a sexy doctor.”

    “Oh, definitely.”
    Mon159has quoted3 months ago
    I turn the page and unfortunately a lurid diagram of an erect penis glares up at me.

    “I am trying to be a bit more normal.”

    He looks at the page. “How’s it working out so far?”

    “I’m glad this isn’t a pop-up book.”
    Mon159has quoted3 months ago
    “Drink your tea, you little pervert.”
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