Lady Colin Campbell

Daughter of Narcissus

Daughter of Narcissus is a stunning analysis by the author of the serious personality disorder of narcissism through her own dysfunctional family, positioned at the heart of international society from the middle of the 20th century to present day. Dr Anna Brocklebank considers it one of the most significant and inspiring books ever written on the subject of narcissism and believes it should become a medical reference book as well as a popular best seller. Departing from her former studies of the Royal Family and the Super Rich, Georgie Campbell turns her intelligence, insight and energy on to her own family's past to reveal the reality beneath serious personality disorders, and the emotional terrorism they engender.The book straddles two conflicting worlds: the white elitism of the British Colonial way of life and the empowerment of the black race post-Independence. It provides an insightful record of why the colonial age had to end, while also giving the reader an insider's view of the political and sociological difficulties that nationhood brought to the inhabitants of the colonies. In doing so, Georgie Campbell paints a vivid picture of the way of life that allowed the narcissistic personality disorder of her mother to flourish. Daughter of Narcissus not only places the disorder of narcissism in its proper sociological context, but it also exposes the shocking behaviour of the disordered personality. It is disarmingly honest and revelatory, a compulsive read — in the words of Dr. Brocklebank, it is “gripping” — a fascinating history of a family who learnt to survive unbelievable misconduct in order to lead purposeful and affirming lives.
983 printed pages
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Dynasty Press
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