Laura Lovecraft

At The Feet Of My Mother

20-year-old Billy Dion has two obsessions. The first is his foot fetish. The summer is here and all the women have their bare sexy feet on display. Sandals with straps, stiletto heels, anklets, toe rings and pretty little painted toes. Unfortunately for Billy, he has never found a girl who understands his fetish, and has never had the chance to fulfill his desires.

The foot fetish, however, is the lesser of Billy's obsessions. Billy's other obsession is much deeper, and much more taboo, as the sexiest feet he has ever seen belong to the most desirable woman he has ever known. What's the problem? The woman Billy would most like to please in every way is the one woman he shouldn't feel that way about: his mother.

Ever since Billy spied on his mother giving his father a foot job, Billy has been obsessed with both feet and his mother. Two years ago, Billy's father passed away, and since then his very attractive mother has been alone and neglected. Billy knows what his mother needs, and desperately wants to give it to her, but he knows there is no chance.

Or is there? Coming home one night, Billy finds his mother lying on the couch, candles lit and an empty bottle of wine next to her. As turned on as he is, Billy tries to go upstairs, when his mother looks at him and asks him to give her a foot rub. As Billy starts to massage his mother's beautiful feet, it seems as if she is as turned on as he is. Does she want it, too, or is it just twisted wishful thinking? Billy is about to find out.
64 printed pages
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