Rebecca Stewart

Enticing Reign

After voyeuristically witnessing another woman’s intensely hot marital indiscretion with another man, Jenni and JR’s lives would never be the same.

Jenni’s opinion of what sex between partners should be like took a dramatic turn, which left JR questioning his ability to perform to her new expectations.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

As we wandered around the grounds of the house we decided to fantasize a bit and pretended like it was our own home.  We were taking full advantage of the free alcohol and hors d'oeuvres as we were having a great time snooping around.  Jenni started becoming very friendly and flirtatious with others but that is normal when she is drinking.  This is when I noticed that Jenni was getting pretty wasted.

We went from room to room and floor to floor checking out the entire place saying how we needed to redecorate and throwing our ideas at each other.  Then when we were on the third floor we heard a couple giggling as they made their way into one of the bedrooms.  Jenni’s drunken curiosity got her so she dragged me down the hall and listened by the door.  We listened and giggled ourselves for a while and that is when Jenni grabbed my package and said she wanted to see who it was.  I was like, “I’m not going to walk in there.”  She said, “Come On!!  Just walk in and pretend we didn’t hear them.”  It was a good idea but I chickened out because I had a better idea.

“Let’s go find a way to the balcony.  I think these rooms are all connected by one.”  She smiled, giggled and ran into the next room.  We quietly opened the sliding glass door and we went onto the balcony.  The balcony was facing the front of the house so no one could see us up there as most of the party was in the back yard and inside.  We snuck over to the next sliding glass door and peeked in.

We saw a girl doing a strip tease for a guy lying on the bed with his shirt already off.  The girl was a petite little thing with long wavy blonde hair and she was wearing a tight fitting white blouse, black knee length pencil skirt, black nylons and what had to be 5” black heels.  We laughed at first because the girl was so drunk that she was stumbling around while trying to dance for the guy.  She was so ripped that when she kicked off her shoes she knocked over a lamp.  Jenni and I were cracking up as quietly as possible but this was entertaining as hell.  Even the guy was cracking up watching her.  But then things got very interesting.

After she gave up trying to pick up the lamp she just jumped on the bed and straddled him.  They started making out for a while and then quickly sat up.  She stepped off of the bed and stood in front of him with her back facing us and then she knelt down on the floor.  He then sat up and positioned himself near the edge.  They quickly removed his belt and undid his pants and soon you could tell by his face and her motions that he was now getting some attention.  Jenni said out load, “Holy Hell!!”  I grabbed and covered her mouth to keep her quiet and she pushed my hand away and giggled in amazement.
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