Kinship of Clover, Ellen Meeropol
Ellen Meeropol

Kinship of Clover

• Audience: literary community; environmentalists, eco-justice supporters, and political activists; Meeropol's previous readers and fan base.

• Content themes and subjects include environmental issues and eco-justice (tying into the ongoing discussion on human-induced climate change); social justice and race, in connection to the Civil Rights Movement (relevant to the Black Lives Matter movement and current race-relation tensions); and the line between political activism and extremism, questioning what is “too far” when it comes to acting toward the greater good (relating to the international issue of terrorism).

• Title gives voice to main characters belonging to communities commonly overlooked by mainstream media: the mentally ill, the differently abled, and the elderly.

• Title is literary, intelligent, thoughtful, and political, but is also easy to read and thrilling, with plot twists, secrets, and cliff-hangers.

• Title will appeal to adults and young adults alike; young adults will find common ground with the young main characters in college and high school in their coming of age stories; adults will enjoy the intellectually stimulating content with political foundation, and references to 1960s history and culture.

• Author is highly political: she is married to the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and author of the dramatic program “Carry It Forward: Celebrate the Children of Resistance” about the Rosenberg Fund; she has also written two previous political novels.

• Author is a part-time bookseller who has established relationships with many bookstores nation-wide.

• Author is a frequent presenter at conferences and book festivals, including the AWP annual conference, The Muse and the Marketplace, Wordstock, Virginia, Salem, and Maine Festivals of the Book, the San Miguel International Writing Conference, and the WriteAngles Writers Conference. She has taught fiction workshops at Writers in Progress in Florence, MA, Grub Street in Boston, and World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire. She is a Founding Member of the Straw Dog Writers Guild and instigator of the Writing for Social Change Project of the Stonecoast MFA program.
289 printed pages
Original publication
Red Hen Press


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