Outliving Heart Disease, Richard A. Stein
Richard A. Stein

Outliving Heart Disease

317 printed pages
In the last decade, the rules for “outliving” heart disease—living well with your heart until you die of some other cause—have changed dramatically.
Dr. Richard Stein, the director of Preventive Cardiology at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, cuts through the constant stream of new reports and often-contradictory information about preventing and treating heart disease with his 10 new rules:
Rule No. 1: Be Alert to Symptoms that Signal Imminent Heart AttackRule No. 2: Know Your Risk for Having a Heart Attack in the Next 10 YearsRule No. 3: Take a StatinRule No. 4: Exercise! It's a Proactive Way to Reduce Heart Disease and Heart Attack RiskRule No. 5: Eat Well: Diet Guidelines for Heart HealthRule No. 6: Understand the Mind-Body ConnectionRule No. 7: Explore Alternative TreatmentsRule No. 8: Keep Up with the Latest Tests and TreatmentsRule No. 9: Understand the Connections to Your Gender and Your HeritageRule No. 10: Partner with Your Doctor to Reach Your Heart-Health Goals
In plain English, Outliving Heart Disease explains: Vascular changes that take place as you age—and how they affect your heart • The specific risk factors affecting women, African-Americans, and other groups • The latest research on statins—those miracle drugs that have revolutionized the prevention and treatment of heart disease • How to create a heart-healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise program • How depression, anxiety, and stress impact the heart, and what you can do about it.
Updated with the most current therapies and diagnostic techniques, this is the guide for every man and woman to prevent and treat heart disease.
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