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Unti Stand-alone Teen Novel

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  • ISIS PAOLA ROLON ZUNIGAshared an impression2 years ago
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  • tolaniarinososhared an impression4 years ago
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    🔮Hidden Depths
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  • 01/25 692shared an impression4 years ago
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  • 01/25 692has quoted4 years ago
    “I miss you,” I said quietly. “I know I saw you a few hours ago but I already miss you. I want to see your face. I want to feel your arms around me,” I said, and closed my eyes. “You feel so strong and you make me feel safe and I just—I think you’re amazing,” I whispered. “You’re so wonderful that sometimes I honestly can’t believe you’re real.”
  • 01/25 692has quoted4 years ago
    “I don’t want space,” he said. “I’ve never wanted less space.”

    I didn’t know what to say. My heart was hurting.

    “Do you?” he said, and his voice was suddenly strained again. “Do you really want space from me? Honestly?”

    “Of course not,” I whispered.

    He was quiet for a second or two. And when he next spoke, his words were soft. So sweet. He said,
  • 01/25 692has quoted4 years ago
    “Is it because I kissed you?” he said, and his voice was strained. “Was that—should I not have done that?”

    I squeezed my eyes shut. This conversation was already doing things to my nerves. “Ocean,” I said, “the kiss was amazing.” I could hear him breathing. I could hear the way his breathing changed as I spoke. “The kiss was perfect,” I said. “Kind of blew my mind.”

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