Frank Navratil

Karma Kyle the Crocodile: Angry Clouds

When Karma Kyle the Crocodile wakes up one morning on the wrong side of the bed, he finds himself in a very bad mood. This attracts the Angry Clouds who have a negative control over him and who begin to follow him wherever he goes. Karma Kyle lets his anger get the best of him, which gets him into all sorts of trouble. His bad day turns for the worst, ultimately leading to a temper tantrum, where he loses total control. Luckily he runs into Wise Owl, who gives him some good advice, allowing Karma Kyle to understand and deal with his anger. His mood changes and he finds that the Angry Clouds no longer have a hold on him anymore. Soon the sun comes out again, and Karma Kyle is able to finish his day with a positive mood and bright outlook.
Author Frank Navratil presents another rhyming adventure in the Karma Kyle the Crocodile series, this time focusing on how young children can recognize their anger and transform it into positive emotions through self-reflection and meditation.
34 printed pages
Original publication



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