John Jopling,Roy Madron

Gaian Democracies

Roy Madron and John Jopling argue that the main purpose of our Western democracies is to satisfy a global debt-money system through the pursuit of economic growth. This 'Global Monetocracy' is a hugely powerful system that is imposing social injustice, economic incompetence and ecological disaster on the human family. Madron and Jopling make the case for a very different system of globalisation. They describe this alternative system as a global network of Gaian Democracies. This book describes the operational and ideological components of a very different moral, ecological and soft-systems approach through which a global network of Gaian Democracies could achieve its very different aims. The concepts, insights and tools of Gaian Democracy have already been used to successfully reconfigure organisations and communities in tough situations .
211 printed pages
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