The Buddhas of Boston Sports : How Bill Belichick Ended The Opioid Crisis, Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown

The Buddhas of Boston Sports : How Bill Belichick Ended The Opioid Crisis

Call me Bakataro, having grown up in New England from a broken home he has struggled with addiction of all kinds and will show how Buddhism can help overcome any obstacles you may face.Learn how to recognize the Karma in your life and how to change it. After listening to Bill Belichick after Patriots losses accepting full responsibility for his coaching and always vowing to do better, it began to sound very Buddhist like in approach. Never comparing teams, taking each game as a whole new experience, is a way to look at every day as a new unique experience.

Bakataro was born in 1976 year of the Fire Dragon and he discusses the Fire Karma in his life and the technological revolution he has witnessed. From going to Buddhist meetings as a child and watching Michael Jacksons Thriller on VCR or play Atari 2600 and 5200. When he received his Nintendo Entertainment System SNES and playing everyting from The Legend of Zelda, Castelvania, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat. His early sports memories from The Patriots vs Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl, The Celtics with Larry Bird, and Cam Neeley and The Bruins. The Red Sox blowing The World Series to The New York Mets. How The Montreal Canadiens have owned The Bruins like The Yankees owned The Red Sox.

He will discuss how cocaine and fentanyl became part of his daily routine and the current drug scene. He will discuss how he and his mother use Nichiren Buddhism and by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo can change your Karma and help you become happy in this lifetime and lifetimes to come. He will explain Buddhism in his own entertaining style using his own experiences and insights. WARNING CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT
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