Louise Hamilton

Mummy Diaries

This book is a pregnancy diary. There are also some other mums accounts of pregnancy and birth, and also a hints and tips section. While writing this book I came to the conclusion that at no time in our lives do we have quite so many urgent and burning questions as when we're pregnant. That white stick you have just urinated on goes from 'pissing on a stick' to one of the most important and memorable moments in your life. This is my story, from conception, through my pregnancy and labour, written by a real person. I am no one special; in fact, technically I am a complete nobody. I am a normal girl brought up in Lancashire and only my friends, old school pals, teachers and old work colleagues have heard of me. I am not claiming that my pregnancy, birth or child for that matter is anything extraordinary but I hope that anyone reading this will come out of the other side seeing a different perspective, relating to me in some way, or find an escape for those few precious hours reading it, hopefully even finding it useful. This diary was my therapist, my way to vent, organise my thoughts and also a way to come to terms with the whole idea of becoming a mum. Basically it is my life, warts and all – everyone loves a scandal, everyone would jump at the chance to read someone else's diary, so why not mine?! Come on in and Enjoy!
208 printed pages



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