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Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The F. Scott Fitzgerald MEGAPACK

Today F. Scott Fitzgerald is better known for his novels, but in his own time, his fame rested squarely on his prolific achievement as one of America's most gifted writers of stories and novellas. This book includes Fitzgerald's best short fiction: ranging from such classic novellas as “The Rich Boy,” “May Day,” and “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” to his commercial work for the Saturday Evening Post.
1,864 printed pages
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  • Stas Irodovhas quoted2 years ago
    A million phrases of anger, pride, passion, hatred, tenderness fought on his lips.
  • Stas Irodovhas quoted2 years ago
    The strong walls, the steel of the girders, the breadth and beam and pomp of it were there only to bring out the contrast with the young beauty beside him.
  • Stas Irodovhas quoted2 years ago
    She called every one darling, endowing the endearment with careless, individual comraderie.

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