Charlotte E. English


Draykoni do not die. Not truly. Not forever.

So we thought. We have been proved wrong.
A killer stalks the Off-Worlds, someone with the means and the will to extinguish even the oldest of draykon souls. But why would anybody do such a thing, and how?
I am Llandry Sanfaer: shapeshifter, ambassador, colony leader. My people are dying beyond hope of revival, and it falls to me to stop it. But the killer leaves nothing behind — not a single clue.
Worse, the corrupted energy of Orlind has broken its confines. It's spreading. If it isn’t stopped, all the Worlds could go under.

With my people and my Worlds under threat, I'll need all my wits, my strength, and every ally I can muster to set things right.

It’s going to be a hard fight.
345 printed pages
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Frouse Books
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