Peter Murtagh

From Tip to Top

Peter Murtagh decided it was time to embark on 'The Great Retirement Project' — riding a motorbike from Tierra Del Fuego at the very southern tip of South America, to the most northerly point in Alaska, alone and without the pressure of any deadline.
Aged 69, just him, a tent, a bike and a sleeping bag.
En route, Peter explored magical, wonderful and extraordinarily out-of-the-way parts of our bruised world, met incredible people from all walks of life and observed a great swathe of the Americas. Travelling alone on the 45,000km journey allowed him a rare opportunity to disconnect from hectic daily life and to embrace the solitude, challenge and peace-of-mind of the road less travelled.
From Tip to Top is a story of optimism and hope and the adventure of a lifetime, and is a ground-level portrait of the Americas as we rarely see them.
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