Neltje Blanchan

Bird Neighbors An Introductory Acquaintance with One Hundred and Fifty Birds Commonly Found in the Gardens, Meadows, and Woods About Our Homes

69 illustrations, some color, some black-and-white. “An introductory acquaintance with 150 birds commonly found in gardens, meadows, and woods about our homes.” “Not to have so much as a bowing acquaintance with the birds that nest in our gardens or under the very eaves of our houses; that haunt our wood-piles; keep our fruit-trees free from slugs; waken us with their songs, and enliven our walks along the roadside and through the woods, seems to be, at least, a breach of etiquette toward some of our most kindly disposed neighbors.” Illustrated with photographs. First published in 1897. According to Wikipedia, this “was the first major work by nature writer Neltje Blanchan. The book combined scientific data with color illustrations, accessible language, and personal experience reflecting Blanchan's joy in nature. In his introduction, naturalist John Burroughs praised it as “reliable” as well as “written in a vivacious strain by a real bird lover.”… Neltje Blanchan De Graff Doubleday (October 23, 1865 — February 21, 1918) was a United States scientific historian and nature writer who published several books on wildflowers and birds under the pen name Neltje Blanchan. Her work is known for its synthesis of scientific interest with poetic phrasing.”
344 printed pages
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