Heather Silvio

Special Snowflake Syndrome

In an increasingly contentious political and cultural landscape, Dr. Heather Silvio focuses on and offers solutions to the negative impact of extremes on all sides.

Dr. Silvio asks the tough questions about the growing segment of society that:

• expresses incredible entitlement
• acts out when they don’t get their way
• seems determined to make the world conform to them and their preferences, no matter the cost.

In her groundbreaking book, Dr. Heather Silvio develops the first clinical guidelines and treatment for Special Snowflake Syndrome and provides penetrating social commentary on the impact of this debilitating disorder. More than a derisive or humorous description of bad behavior, acting like a “special snowflake”, as Dr. Silvio compellingly argues, is symptomatic of an unrecognized personality disorder destroying the world.
107 printed pages
Original publication
Panther Books



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