Abbey Beathan

Summary Bundle: Memoir & Research

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Summary Bundle: Memoir & Research: Includes Summary of The Road Not Taken & Summary of The Shallows

From the Description of “Summary of The Road Not Taken”…
«The war's loss would have been less painful all around if Lansdale's advice had been heeded.» — Max Boot
With a ton of interviews and documents that have never been seen before (including love letters), The Road Not Taken takes an unabridged look into Edward Lansdale life so you are able to learn things about the Vietnam War and the man himself that you wouldn't have been capable of knowing otherwise.

From the Description of “Summary of The Shallows”…
«We want to be interrupted, because each interruption brings us a valuable piece of information. To turn off these alerts is to risk feeling out of touch, or even socially isolated.» — Nicholas Carr
Borrowing knowledge from different disciplines like neuroscience, philosophy and history, Nicholas Carr gives us a masterclass of this topic and manages to convey his message with a rich narrative. He explains how the Internet is rerouting our neural pathways changing our whole style of thinking into a lazier one.

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