Age of Alpine Awe – Book One, Mike Culligan
Mike Culligan

Age of Alpine Awe – Book One

The old kingdom of Koblanza was stable for hundreds of years under the rule of the Olbstein family. The lure of mineral wealth, however, caused tensions among rival baronial factions. With the coming of industrialisation in this rural alpine kingdom, the whole structure of the monarchy has now been overthrown by the new kings of commerce. King Dominitz and his grandchildren Prince Albsthar and Princess Leitz cling on only in name and ceremony. There seems little resistance to the destruction of a traditional way of life. However, Koblanza is more than just an old kingdom. There are elves and water-fairies who also inhabit remote regions. Set in the middle of this boiling cauldron of change are the Weltheims. Alpine farming is in their blood. Market trading by the creation of handicrafts and fine foods is their mainstay. Can the Weltheims survive in the new Silver Federation that has all but enveloped their way of life? Bruno Weltheim has to rely on the ingenuity and bravery of his own family to fight back.
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