Kris Mathis,Shannon L. Harris

From Success to Significance

“Temporary failure is the tool used by life to discourage true champions from winning.” Have you ever had a great idea and you talked you out of it? One of the greatest gifts you have been given in life is your ability to dream. Everything that we have today began with someone’s dream. In From Success to Significance, motivational speaker Kris Mathis delivers a step-by-step program that teaches you The 8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream. These principles will help you discover your true purpose, how to take control of your life, and then help you go on to make your goals and dreams a reality. Having graduated with honors from the "University of Hard Knocks," Kris Mathis makes his personal experiences heartfelt and engaging in a way that very few authors rarely can. Kris humbly writes about his experiences while in the pursuit for success; and more importantly uncovers the significance of his life through this process. In "From Success to Significance", what you will discover is that Kris has traveled a road that many people are familiar with. He has overcome numerous trials on his journey for success, including a poverty stricken past and a rare facial paralysis that nearly ended his career. «From Success to Significance: The 8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream» is sure to motivate, inspire, and educate you on what you will need to reach your dreams! “Your life will never be the same after you make the decision that nothing can stop you from reaching your dream.”
85 printed pages
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