Rohit Panda

Panda Investigates – Death in Bungalow No.16

Mr Avasthi is found dead in the study of his residence Bungalow No.16. The revolver in his hand and a shot through his head indicates only one possibility, suicide. With all the doors and windows bolted there seems to be no doubt or suspicion. Even as the Police start getting convinced, enters Ronsher Panda a well-known private detective. Even though all the evidences point towards a suicide, he suspects a foul play. Together with Inspector Vaghmare, he tries to find the answers. As the investigation begins, Ronsher becomes more-and-more convinced it to be a murder and everyone present in the house that evening seems to have a good motive. The only thing, which bothers him, is “how did the murderer vanish?” Turning to the family-members for answers, Ronsher finds the darker side of every member of the family.
150 printed pages


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