Victorian Virgin Brides Bundle, Elle London, Lovillia Hearst
Elle London,Lovillia Hearst

Victorian Virgin Brides Bundle

This collection is all about wedding nights in the Victorian era. Whether it's a Victorian doctor giving into his raw passion for a bride-to-be, or two noblemen taking turns to deflower a willing woman, or even a young servant who is needed to be bred by her Duke to give him an heir, there's no shortage of scandal.

Royally Screwed Out Of My Virginity
When Alice overhears two arrogant noblemen wagering who would be the first to take her virginity, she's partially insulted and partially turned on. She had never had two men so openly objectifying her before, and even as she firmly puts them in their place, she can't help but notice her body's reaction to their words.
She would never consider it — or at least, she never thought she would.
So why does she find herself following them to their chambers?
Knocked Up By The Duke
The Duke's beautiful wife is barren and he's in desperate need of an heir. Through a stroke of luck there is a beautiful young woman working for his household who looks just like his wife, innocent and submissive young Elle. When Elle is summoned into the Duke's chambers and greeted by him and his wife with the shocking request to allow herself to be impregnated, she wants to run away. However the incredibly powerful Duke has ways of persuading her… What Elle doesn't expect is the Duke's wife to stay in the room and join in herself. Elle is seduced, stripped and under the wife's watchful eye used like a harlot as the Duke expertly manipulates her body.
Letting The Victorian Doctor Inspect My Virginity
Fear of pregnancy leads Anne to a back street doctor, and as embarrassed as she is, she becomes even more so when she sees the doctor isn’t much older than her, and attractive to boot. Red faced and nervous, she confesses her situation to him, and soon her legs are strapped into an inspection chair. To her shock, her body betrays her true emotions… and the doctor takes full advantage.
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