Bonnie Prestel

Nine ½ Months

Based on a true story, Nine ½ Months takes readers on a journey from frantic fear to loving truth.< Gracie—25, single, alone in New York city, and just starting her career in advertising—has high hopes for her future until an unplanned pregnancy shatters her dreams and leaves her frantic and alone. Her boyfriend, Lee, vanishes and Gracie can’t fathom raising a baby alone in the city and believes her only option is to have an abortion. As she sits on the exam table, ready to begin the procedure, the doctor shows her the baby’s heartbeat and suddenly Gracie isn’t sure she can stop a beating heart. She leaves the office in tears and confusion and a mysterious cab driver picks her up; thus, beginning her journey to find truth and meaning. An invisible force, more powerful than a freight train, orchestrates events that transform and change her life. She soon recognizes this force as God and begins to see a glimmer of truth, courage, and hope for a new future.
Most women, whether believers or non-believers, young or old, married or single, have experienced the fright of the pregnancy test stick turning pink for positive. Since the historic Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion, millions of babies are never born. These babies have no voice. No choice. Nine ½ Months inspires and encourages women of all ages to choose life for their unborn babies. Based on Bonnie Prestel’s life, Gracie’s story gives women the courage to take a leap of faith to follow God, do things His way, and think twice before terminating a life.
187 printed pages
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