John Gribbin

In Search of the Multiverse

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Critical acclaim for John Gribbin
“The master of popular science.”—Sunday Times (London)

“Gribbin explains things very well indeed, and there's not an equation in sight.”—David Goodstein, The New York Times Book Review (on Almost Everyone's Guide to Science)

“Gribbin breathes life into the core ideas of complexity science, and argues convincingly that the basic laws, even in biology, will ultimately turn out to be simple.”—Nature magazine (on Deep Simplicity)

“Gribbin takes us through the basics [of chaos theory] with his customary talent for accessibility and clarity. [His] arguments are driven not by impersonal equations but by a sense of wonder at the presence in the universe and in nature of simple, self-organizing harmonies underpinning all structures, whether they are stars or flowers.”—Sunday Times (London) (on Deep Simplicity)

“In the true quantum realm, Gribbin remains the premier expositor of the latest developments.”—Booklist (on Schrödinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality)
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    Andrei Tereskinhas quoted6 years ago
    Even though we cannot understand what is going on in the quantum world, the equations of quantum mechanics make it possible to describe what is going on, with great precision. By knowing, for example, the circumstances in which electrons seem to move like waves and the circumstances in which they seem to behave like particles, we can design computer chips. It may be crazy, but it works.
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