Molly Lee,Sadanatsu Anda,Shiromizakana,Adam Fogle

Kokoro Connect Volume 2: Kizu Random

The five members of the Cultural Research Club are finally free from the body-swap! At last, everything is back to normal… or so they thought.
Now «Heartseed» is back, and it's got a new trick up its sleeve. This time, their bodies are moving on autopilot, acting on the innermost desires of their hearts. For some, this is harmless—but for others, it could mean the end of their friendships, their club, or even their entire high school careers.
They know they can trust each other… but can they trust themselves? Find out in volume 2 of the hit ensemble dramedy light novel from award-winning author Sadanatsu Anda!
206 printed pages
Original publication
J-Novel Club



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