Jeremy Wright

From Shadowed Places

A twisted, forked road unravels to unfamiliar destinations…

A man walks into a diner with his dying wife in his arms and all hell literally breaks loose.

A spellbook from the Salem witch trials finds a home at a local museum, and a night security guard challenges its authenticity.

A perfect circle doodle opens a dimensional doorway, and what awaits through the threshold will trigger the sixth mass extinction.

An old gypsy knocks on a door and offers the occupants a choice, and so begins a sinister act of long overdue justice.

A group of snowbound college friends seeks refuge in a nearby farmhouse, but the blizzard raging outside is the least of their fears when a nearly frozen man searches for shelter and the actual terror begins…

And eight more tales best told in the dark!

From the author of Chasing Daylight, Jeremy M. Wright invites you along this dark, lonely road to unthinkable places. Inside are thirteen stories to unnerve even the most rational minds. Take the shotgun seat and be mindful of each stop along the way as the sunlight fades and the evils of the world reach out from shadowed places…

268 printed pages
Original publication



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