Wylly Folk St. John

The Secrets of Hidden Creek

After three days at Grandma and Grandpa’s summer cabin, we knew it was going to be a long, boring summer. Then Jenny got her bright idea: Ghost Hunting at Wormwood!

I don’t know about Chuck, but I felt prickles on the back of my neck. The place across the lake looked like something an author named Edgar Allen Poe wrote about in Grandma’s book with the horrible pictures of the ruined castles with bats, and people decaying and dribbling down the sides of their coffins. But Jenny thought it would be fun to poke around and see if the ghost stories Grandma told us were really true.

None of us were prepared for the strange noises and suspicious characters we were going to meet. This summer vacation turned out to be plain scary! But if it hadn’t been we would never have found the lost treasure (not one but two treasures) or have helped Sheriff Jenkins solve a real life robbery and murder case!
119 printed pages
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