Edgar Rice Burroughs

The First Barsoom Collection

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The First Barsoom Collection includes five full-length novels featuring John Carter.
Barsoom is a fictional representation of the planet Mars created by American pulp fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first Barsoom tale was serialized as Under the Moons of Mars in 1912, and published as a novel as A Princess of Mars in 1917. Ten sequels followed over the next three decades, further extending his vision of Barsoom and adding other characters. The Barsoom series, where John Carter in the late 19th century is mysteriously transported from Earth to a Mars suffering from dwindling resources, has been cited by many well known science fiction writers as having inspired them. Elements of the books have been adapted by many writers, in novels, short stories, comics, television and film.
Included in this collection:
1. A Princess of Mars (1912)
2. The Gods of Mars (1913)
3. The Warlord of Mars (1914)
4. Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1916)
5. The Chessmen of Mars (1922)


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