Lauren Lee Merewether

Egypt's Second Born

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Bullied by his brother and disregarded by his father, young prince Amenhotep seeks to belong.

Not expected to live as a babe, Amenhotep beats the odds only to find a life always in his brother's shadow and cast out from his father's glory.

Does Amenhotep succumb to the shadows of his father's great palace or does he rise above the ridicule to forge his own path?

Egypt's Second Born is the fifth and final prequel of Lauren Lee Merewether's debut series, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles, a resurrection of an erased time that follows the five kings of Egypt who were lost to history for over three millennia. The series begins with book one, Salvation in the Sun.

" exceptional, fascinating, and distinctive historical novel...truly superb." - Jessica Barbosa for Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"...another highly compelling historical family drama that has plenty of highs, lows, and relatability to offer its readers... One of the things which never ceases to amaze me when I review Merewether's works is the innate sense of humanity that runs through her characters, drawing parallels with modern emotions so that we can relate to lives quite unlike our own." - K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"Egypt's Second Born offers a compelling journey back into the first great civilization of humanity and shows us the structure and societal shape that made the Egyptians so dominant in that span of millennia but would also play a part in its ultimate downfall." - Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)
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