James C. Ryder

Emotional Intelligence: 35 Advanced Techniques to Mastering Self Awareness, Controlling Your Emotions and Raise Your EQ

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If you’re looking to boost your emotional intelligence and gain back control of your life, then keep reading.
We will tell you the secrets to emotional intelligence that no one is taking advantage of. We will help you reach your goals and lead you toward high self-esteem, and as a result, you will develop closer relationships with other people. We will make sure you avoid the mistakes and take away all fear and doubt from your mind.
We will help you reach your optimum level of emotional intelligence through a series of easy-to-follow exercises. Follow each one, practice it, and you’ll see results building up to a crescendo! Before you know it, you’ll notice that you can handle situations with much more ease, you feel more confident, and as a result, opportunities start to come your way. Put simply, your life will change for the better. All you need to do is commit to completing each exercise at your own pace, understanding and following it through to the end. From there? The sky really is the limit!
By following the 35 advanced techniques in this book, you will:
- Discover the power of your own inner strength
- Learn how to connect and understand others on a level you may never otherwise have discovered
- Harness the potential which has laid dormant within you for so long
- Understand how to control your emotions, to avoid them controlling you
- Identify your goals in life and learn how to work toward them
- Learn how to communicate more effectively
- Develop your leadership skills, whether you’re in a management role or not
If you want to learn more about how to change your life and look forward to a much brighter and more in control future, then simply buy now to get started.
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