The Frog Princess

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A.J. Glinski was to Poland what the Brothers Grimm were to Germany. He travelled the country and collected folk legends and fairy tales and wrote them down exactly as they were told to him by local peasants. This Frog Princess is part of the collection of traditional folk tales which he first published in 1862. A king has three sons and is determined that one shall be his heir - but which? He orders them to marry and decrees that the one who picks the best wife shall be the next king. The youngest finds himself marrying a frog, against his better judgement. But when it turns out that the frog is extraordinarily gifted in such skills as carpet weaving and baking, he looks like winning the contest to be king. His frog princess is indeed a real princess under a magic spell - but his attempt to break the spell and keep his bride in human form backfires. His bride transforms herself into a duck and flies away. A lengthy quest and many adventures follow before he is able to regain his lost bride. Absolutely enchanting!
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